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Clubs offer the exciting possibility for anyone to leave their individualized mark on the SPU community in a very personalized way, and to get involved with ASSP and campus culture.


A full, comprehensive list of the clubs and organizations available to SPU students.

African Student Association

African Student Association is committed to providing a space that welcomes dialogue from different backgrounds to promote an atmosphere of education and appreciation of African culture and tradition.

American Chemical Society

An affiliate of the National American Chemical Society (ACS). We try to build a community of chemists and non-chemists through educational and entertainment activities that foster an appreciation for chemistry. 

American Institute of Graphic Artists

AIGA SPU is a community of creative thought leaders, changemakers, and design innovators across the SPU campus. We advocate for design, enhance professional development, define standards and ethical practices, and celebrate the power of design.

Ante Up

We seek to provide free dance classes from volunteer dance teachers in the Seattle Community. Student members who are interested in teaching will be encouraged as well. We provide a safe place for dancers of all levels to grow and connect with other students who have the passion for dance.


We are BEGIN - an acronym for Build, Engage, Give, Inspire, and Nurture. This is a student-led organization established on 1999 at SPU's School of Business, Government, and Economics. We hope to help prepare students for the real world and careers ahead.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union is a diverse community of students working to promote awareness and knowledge of the experiences of Black students both on campus, and in the various places that our communities reside from. With the perspectives that our peers bring to campus, we will ensure there is a space provided for open discussion and involvement of all people in hopes to hold Seattle Pacific's mission of "engaging the culture."


The Centurions are SPU's premier men's service honorary. We aim to emulate the work of Jesus Christ through selfless service and brotherly fellowship. This service takes shape in many ways, from helping out individuals in need to volunteering with larger service groups in the Seattle area. Members of the club meet weekly in alternating big-group and small-group gatherings meant to foster friendships, develop awareness of campus needs, and provide spiritual growth.

Chess Club

This club is dedicated to promoting a friendly and intellectually stimulating
the environment within the Seattle Pacific University community by providing a chess-playing
environment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, we welcome everyone to join us for some exciting matches and strategic thinking.


Ekklesia provides students with the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith and enjoy a community built upon biblical principals of love and truth.

Faith and Science Club

Faith & Science Club strives to create a space for students to explore and discuss topics intersecting science and faith. We host a variety of events aimed at allowing students of all disciplines to approach these topics from different angles.


The Falconettes is the oldest club on SPU's campus with deep Christian roots, established in 1936. We are traditionally comprised of women with a commitment to serving SPU and the greater Seattle Community.

Filipino American Student Association

FASA is a club designed to cultivate the Filipino culture on SPU's campus. You do not have to be Filipino-American to join this club - FASA welcomes people from all ethnic backgrounds and we can't wait to share more about the Filipino culture!

Future Educators Club

We are a community of dedicated, passionate, diverse, and energetic individuals who are pursuing careers in education at Seattle Pacific University. The Future Educators’ Club serves as a place to engage with your peers, professors, and local Seattle community, through discussion forums, community events, and more. We hope that this club provides you with an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, interests, and connections in your field of study as well as engage with fellow education majors at SPU!


Haven is a club for LGBTQIA+ students and allies at Seattle Pacific University. We discuss relevant topics and issues and provide a safe space for students on campus, as well as building community with each other. We've also been known for making top-notch arts and crafts! Our goal is to provide community, support, and education for minority students and allies alike.

Her Campus

Her Campus SPU is our university's chapter of a national online empowerment and lifestyle magazine! We contribute about 3-5 articles per week to the website and meet once a week on Monday's at 7pm in Weter Memorial Hall. Anyone and everyone at SPU can join our club! We warmly welcome writers and readers of any gender, race, sexuality, and religion. We are strongly committed to providing a safe space and uplifting the voices of silenced communities. Our purpose here is to create a space for women and other minorities to use their voice, gain writing and editing experience, grow friendships, and allow for the chance to have creative freedom to write about our interests!

Hindsight History Club

Hindsight, SPU's history club, exists to foster excitement about history on campus and to be a resource for history majors, minors, and anyone who loves history!

Indigenous Peoples Club

Indigenous Peoples' Club (IPC) works to bring Indigenous culture and representation to Seattle Pacific University's campus by creating community through club meetings and events.

Interior Design Club

The Interior Design Student Group is for Interior Design students and enthusiasts at Seattle Pacific University. We want our group to be a resource that students can use for field networking, information and fun.

International Student Club

The mission of Seattle Pacific University's International Student Club (ISC) is to connect and give support to international students by providing them with critical and valuable information regarding their VISA, personal, and academic lives.

Korean Student Association

KSA, or Korean Student Association, is a cultural club that celebrates the many aspects of Korean culture. This includes music, food, trivia, and more. We at KSA recognize the centrality of family in Korean culture.

Le Cercle Francais

Le Cercle Français seeks to educate and familiarize both speakers and non-speakers of the French language with the cultural traditions, language, history, art, cinema and other significant aspects of French and francophone cultures. We recognize the important influences of French throughout the world and desire to continually share French and francophone culture through events including but not limited to, conversational groups, cultural outings, food-tasting, and films. We especially work to further spoken French skills of our members by incorporating conversation in French at all events.


LINK is a social club for anyone interested in fantasy, sci-fi, technology, and just plain nerdery. Our activities range from Jackbox nights to world-building adventures, anime expositions to Youtube reviews, and Valentine's shipping to Quarter's-End-Pajama-Movie Night.

MODE Fashion Group

MODE Fashion Group is an SPU club dedicated to bringing those who have a passion for fashion together to share ideas and network. We host meetings every other Tuesday from 6-6:30 pm in the Peterson Lab (room 101), which features anything from hands-on projects to industry guest speakers. All of our work throughout the school year then culminates in our Annual Spring Student Fashion Show!


MEChA is a student club that promotes higher education for the Latino community while providing a safe environment to promote cultural awareness and involvement. Academic success is at the core of our values and we strive to help each other both educationally, and socially. All students are welcome!

'Ohana 'O Hawai'i

A club for SPU students, both from the islands and not, to come together and learn about Hawaiian culture through language, dance and food. 'Ohana club's motto is: "Home away from home." We're all one big 'ohana (family) here.

Pacific Islanders Club of Cultural Arts

The Pacific Islanders Club of Cultural Arts is open to all people. Our goal is to teach and celebrate our beautiful cultures through food, song, dance, and the other art forms in community with those around us. Facebook page: Pacific Islanders Club of Cultural Arts.

Pre-Health Club

Welcome to Pre-Health Club! We are looking forward to building a supportive community within SPU and work on help those who are interested pre-healthcare professional careers. Pre-Health club provides students with the opportunity to meet those who are in their major, explore different careers and provides the tools to succeed academically!

Radical Readers

Seattle Pacific University's book club!

Society of Physics Students

We drink tea and talk about physics!

Sociology Club

The SPU Sociology Club aims to provide a space of safety, inclusion, rest, visibility, acceptance, and movement for students studying the systemic injustices of the world and grappling with the realities of the structures within they operate.

South Asian Student Association

The South Asian Student Association has been created to facilitate events that focus on representing South Asian culture. It hopes to build an informative and supportive community around the SPU students and faculty to represent the diversity on campus.

SPU Active Minds

Active Minds chapters are student-led, school-based groups that lead conversation, culture change, and advocacy throughout their communities. These powerhouse student groups are working hard to serve the needs of their communities and create cultures that are more supportive of mental health through policy change, promotion of services, awareness and community-building events, social connection events, and more.

SPU Dental Society

A student organization designed for students who are pre-dental and are interested in attending dental school after SPU. The club leadership team caters events to those in the SPU community who want to learn more, see more, and do more to work at their goal of becoming oral health care providers.

SPU Developers

SPU Developers is an organization dedicated to building community within the Computer Science and Engineering department at SPU. We meet two times a month to discuss programming topics or to do workshops on certain Computer Science technologies.

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club is an affiliate organization the works on building partnerships with other student led clubs and organizations while raising awareness to climate issues  on campus and within the community.

Vietnamese Student Association

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) commits to sharing Vietnamese culture with the SPU community by fostering the celebration of our cultural values and traditions. We also aim to create an inclusive, engaging, and welcoming space for not only Vietnamese students but also those with other cultural backgrounds.

Women in Engineering and Computer Science

Our mission is to instill community and to offer mentorship and leadership to women in Engineering and Computer Science at SPU.


How do I Start a Club?

Student clubs at SPU may become official ASSP clubs by applying for and becoming registered with the Committee for Student Clubs (CSC). Registration shall entitle these organizations to ASSP services, including recognition in student publications and possibly fiscal support from ASSP. For application and club continuance, contact the Club Coordinator. 

Definition of a club

For purposes of ASSP, a club is defined as a group of undergraduate students that meets regularly for a specific purpose and shares a common interest. Officially registered clubs must meet criteria set forth in this section. 

Prerequisites For Registration

A new student club seeking official registration shall first have met the following prerequisites:

  • Have held at least one club meeting comprised of at least 5 persons. The date, place, and minutes of this meeting must accompany any petition for ASSP recognition.

  • Have at least one faculty, staff, and/ore university administrator who shall act as an advisor, whose name shall be stated in the ASSP petition for recognition. 

  • Have created a constitution ratified by the members of the club that will include:

    • Name of club.

    • Club purpose statement.

    • Type of membership requirement and process of selection.

    • Method and time for selection of officers.

Application for Registration

After meeting prerequisites, a club may apply to the Committee for Student Clubs for official recognition. Such application shall include the following:

  • Copy of constitution and bylaws.

  • Minutes from most recent club meeting. The meeting must have been attended by at least 5 members.

  • List of student officers and names of at least 5 SPU student members. At a minimum, a registered club must maintain a primary officer and/or a financial officer at all times.

  • Statement of support from advisor, who must be a full-time faculty or staff member of SPU.

  • Signed agreement to abide by SPU policies and procedures.

CSC reserves the right to register clubs based on the club's general appropriateness as an ASSP club. Clubs who apply for, but do not receive official registration may appeal the decision of CSC to Senate. Senate may reverse a decision of CSC b a majority vote. To submit an application to become a registered student club, please complete the Application for ASSP Club Registration form on Engage.

Student clubs at ASP may become official ASSP clubs by applying for and becoming registered with the Committee for Student Clubs (CSC). Registration shall entitle these organizations to ASSP services, including recognition in student publications and possibly fiscal support from ASSP. For application and club continuance, contact the Club Coordinator.


  • Use of the University logo.

  • Use of the University Name.

  • Recognition in the Student Handbook.

  • ASSP funding.

  • Registered clubs may have the option of receiving publicity of club activities through STUB or ASSP bulletin boards.

  • Rights of solicitation to students including campus mailing (in accordance with their guidelines), provided that fund-raising projects are approved individually through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.

  • Use of SPU Purchasing services.

  • Rights to reserve campus space.

  • Access to Club Fund for free printed materials (i.e. posters and flyers for advertising purposes).


Step One: Prepare

Applications for Club Continuance open during Spring Quarter each year, so be sure to have completed elections and updated your club's constitution and bylaws with enough time to prepare.

Step Two: Materials

Applications will not be considered unless all materials are submitted. In order to apply for Club Continuance you must submit the following:

  • Constitution and Bylaws.

  • Club Advisor Agreement Form.

  • Next year's Club Leader Agreement Form.

  • Updated projected plans for the next academic year.

  • Current club roster.

  • All event from the previous academic year (excluding meetings).

Step Three: Apply

Once you've gathered all of your materials, fill out the Club Continuance Form by April 28th at 5:00 PM.

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