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Are you looking for ways to get involved on campus?

One of the best ways to enrich your college experience is to get involved on and around campus, that's why ASSP works with several organizations and clubs to help you make the most of your time here at SPU.


The Student Senate is to be a body of well-informed students who represent their fellow peers, find innovative solutions to student concerns, and facilitate interaction between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff.


Catalyst is the Intercultural Initiatives Committee, which is a group of four student leaders that work together to address issues of race, ethnicity, and justice through discussions of important campus and community issues or concerns, collaborative programming, and support of campus events. 


ASSP Media is a selection of student organizations, including Cascade, Lingua, The Falcon and KSPU. Click "see more" to learn about each of these groups!


Intercultural focuses upon creating events and spaces where cultural and ethnic diversities can be celebrated, respected, and shared. 


Clubs offer the exciting possibility for anyone to leave their individualized mark on the SPU community in a very personalized way, and to get involved with ASSP and campus culture.


The Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP) was established in 2012 by SPU students determined to create opportunities for their classmates to venture into the surrounding majesty of the Pacific Northwest. The program continues to navigate new ways to both inspire students towards adventure and bring those mountaintops closer.

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