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What is Intercultural?

Intercultural focuses upon creating events and spaces where cultural and ethnic diversities can be celebrated, respected, and shared. 

Our commitment to diversity takes seriously our University's Christian heritage, which affirms the following:

  • All people are created in the image of God (Genesis 1).

  • Our differences in ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status do not compromise our unifying identity as followers of Christ (Galatians 3:28).

  • One positive result of our relationship with God is the desire (and mandate) to be visibly reconciled with the world, which includes our relationship with people of different cultures and ethnicities (2 Corinthians 5:16-21).

As such, we strongly believe that cultural and ethnic diversity is a beautiful thing to be both celebrated and respected as an expression of our love for God. Additionally, diversity is something we all have a stake in, because we each have something to add to the conversation and will be enriched by joining the discussion. 

Mission Statement

Diversity means celebrating, respecting, and engaging all people in our community. ASSP is committed to activities that represent the unique cultural perspectives of our SPU family. 


Intercultural Retreat

Intercultural Retreat is a great opportunity for students from all backgrounds to come together for a weekend to make new and long-lasting cross-cultural friendships. The Retreat allows for discussion of issues as well as celebrating ideas around diversity, reconciliation, race, ethnicity, and cultural competence as well as allowing for a place to share our personal stories. Ultimately this retreat is a catalyst for students to cooperatively promote and implement efforts on the SPU campus to live out radical racial reconciliation and great intercultural understanding. 

Multicultural Night of Worship - MNOW

MNOW is a collective worship service, where various groups come together for one night to celebrate and reflect upon the vast diversity of God's Kingdom. We seek to live out our signature commitment to "Engaging the Culture and Changing the World," by seeking Biblical reconciliation through the ministry of music, art, and dance. MNOW serves to create a tangible and spiritual place where we can begin to, "challenge fellow students, and the university through intellectual inquiry, exploration of the Christian faith, respect and recognition for all people and cultures..." (ASSP Mission Statement).

In Context

Through article readings, movies, open discussions, journaling, and fellowship, our hope is to not only build awareness about the importance of engaging in conversations about race, but to gain experience in doing so. Students, faculty and staff are invited to be part of In-Context.


What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is the Intercultural Initiatives Committee, which is a group of four student leaders that work together to address issues of race, ethnicity, and justice through discussion of important campus and community issues or concerns, collaborative programming, and support of campus events. The four different positions are Education programmer, Ministry Programmer, Event Programmer, and the Catalyst Coordinator.



The Intercultural Coordinators are the link between the Hall Council and ASSP generating awareness on the topic of diversity, multicultural programming and leadership on campus, providing educational opportunities for students to engage in the Univerity's diversity initiative, and bringing a multicultural perspective to residence hall programming that celebrates all members of the SPU community. 

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