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The Student Senate is to be a body of well-informed students who represent their fellow peers, find innovative solutions to student concerns, and facilitate interaction between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff.

Have questions about Senate? Reach out to our student body Vice President Esther Smith at


How Does a Senate Proposal Work? 

A Senate Proposal begins when a student comes up with an idea. The scope of a Senate Proposal is nearly boundless. Proposals can be about changing university policies, creating new programs, changing existing programs, financing conferences, establishing new clubs and organizations...the possibilities are endless!

Once a student has established an idea, that idea is then put into the form of a Senate Proposal and brought before the Student Senate. Senate hears the proposal and begins working on the best way to implement your idea for the student body.

What You Need to Write a Proposal:

  • An Idea

  • A Willingness and desire to make it happen

  • A Senator

How to Write a Proposal:

  1. Brainstorm an idea

  2. Contact your Senator. It's your Senator's job to know how to make things happen. They will be a valuable resource for you and can provide you with numerous time-saving shortcuts, as well as additional ideas and support. You can view the list of Senators and their contact information below. 

  3. Your Senator will help you write up your idea in the form of a Senate proposal, which is located on the Senate Engage Page. The written proposal will help explain the who, what, where, why, and how of your idea.

  4. Once your proposal is ready, your Senator will help you submit it to the Senate weekly agenda.

  5. You will be contacted by an ASSP student leader with details about the next steps for your proposal. Depending on the amount and type, it may go before the Committee for Student Clubs and/or the Finance Board before being seen by Senate.

  6. Your proposal goes before the Senate for approval. Don't worry, you won't be alone at this step. Your Senator and a member of the committee will be there to present your proposal with you.

  7. The Senate makes a decision and you're off and running!



Maxwell Hayden

School of Business, Government, and Economics Senator


Carrie Cox

Senator for Science and Engineering


Christian Flores Anguiano

Senator at Large


Callaghan Bluechel

Senator for College of Arts and Science: Humanities


Uriah Aguon

Senator of Campus Houses and Apartments


Victor Soriano

Senator for School of Health Sciences


Ellie Cruz-Abarca

Commuter Senator


Hailey Marlow

Athletics Senator


Dorothy Prosser

Area Council Senator


Wandi Ndlazi

International Student Senator


Kai Carnelle

Commuter Senator

Not sure who to contact? Let us know your concerns and we can put you in touch with the best fit for the job!

Senate Contact

Thanks for your submission! We'll get back to you soon.


  • First Area Council Senator (2)

  • Second Year Area Council (2)

  • Senator for Campus Houses and Apartments

  • Senator for College of Arts and Sciences: Fine Arts

  • Senator for College of Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Senator for School of Education

  • Senator for School of Psychology, Family and Community

  • Senator for School of Theology

  • Senator at Large


Where Can I Find Senate Meetings?

Senate Meetings take place every Monday at 8:00pm in the Ames Library Classroom. All Senate meetings are public events and all students and staff are welcome to attend. 

Student Union Building, First Floor
Seattle, WA 98119

Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119

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Vice President -
Officer of Operations -
Officer of Multiethnic Programs -
Officer of Ministries -
Officer of Finance -
Officer of Student Groups -

Instagram: @asspspu

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